2 gedachten over “Ondertussen in Amsterdam, 1 september 2022”

  1. Ring of the River Queen.
    This intricate ring captures the movement and
    magic of the river. Aquatic plants sprout from the
    river bed, their finely-detailed petals rising from the
    wave’s surface like spires from a queen’s crown.
    The currents remind us to flow forward with the
    rhythms and vicissitudes of life. As ancient Greek
    philosopher Heraclitis has said, “Everything flows
    and nothing remains the same…. You cannot step
    twice into the same river, for other waters and yet
    others go flowing ever on.” This exquisite ring will
    remind you of these truths while adorning you in
    sumptuous detail.

  2. Als in Panta Rhei (In de rivier stroomt continu nieuw water, maar toch lijkt de rivier dezelfde. De eeuwige maar constante verandering en ook de eenheid der tegendelen). Práchtig samengebracht in de ziel en de knop!

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